Las Meninas


Inspired by various artists and current events I reinterpreted Diego Velázquez “Las Meninas”.

I created a digital painting, with one collaged element – the monitoring camera. I have replaced the characters of “Las Meninas” with representative people and things of contemporary life, like a Whistleblower, NSA and EU privacy policy, commodities etc. I centered my thoughts around “who is looking at who?”.

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Sun Wukong

monkey-king-caroartSketch of Sun Wukong the Monkey King from the Chinese novel “Journey to the West”.

In my version he can control his heavy staff also with his tail – this way he can reach out much further. I imagined a moment of surprise for the enemy.

I wanted him to not only look monkey-like but also very manly, so he could first protect me and then I could fall in love :D … wait what? Different story.

I feel like Dancing

This is a 30 picture animation testing / ident / fun project

Since I am a kid I am mused by dancers. I feel in animation one could either push dance – or focus on subtle movements. I tried to remain subtle, keep a nice shape and then push everything else. Hope you enjoy my little experiment.

(wondering where that black line to the right comes from .. hmm)


ursula-caroart_deUrsula from Ariel the little Mermaid. I was singing her song while crazing around with colors – yes, still know the lyrics haha! Just enjoyed drawing this so much! .. and just so you know – she is dancing with the critter and will not eat it. ;)

Game Concepts

Hello, here is some concept art I’ve been doing for a game lately. I did make some notes to how I approached it, I hope this is helpful to someone. :) Please feel free to comment if you have ideas or comments in mind.


P.S.: I painted over the logo, since I am not allowed to show which company/game this is, sorry for the ugly grey box, I just wanted to show where the logo is situated, since it belongs to the overall concept.

Merry Christmas


Puh I haven’t been posting much lately, I apologize, I’ve just been incredibly busy. But here is a little ink and watercolor treat to all of you – may you have a wonderful christmas time and a happy new year! Yours Carolin

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Wimmel Poster

Done for a hospitals support association campaign based on my illustrations. It is saying “Some Dreams might turn into Reality …”. The green elephant is their mascot. This is an A0 large Poster (which I had to buy new RAM for), it is almost as tall as a door and when the kids sit in the waiting room of the hospital, they can travel through it.


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