Gesture Workflow

Line Of Action

This is my gesture workflow, inspired by the lectures of the amazing Louis Gonzales, whom I will never forget how patient he was with me. For demo purposes – quick and dirty:

  1. First I draw a very light, extremely loose Lay-In of what I want to draw. I am not concerned whether or not the drawing is correct at this point.
  2. Line of Action: I draw the movement / the characters intention. I use simple curves.
  3. Shapes: I make sure the shape is readable.
  4. Silhouette: I carve out the silhouette. Everything important to read the gesture is away from the body.
  5. Lively: Movement communicates better, when the character is not balanced out like in a pose.
  6. Into space: Feeling of space through foreshortening.
  7. Structure: I add structure with box-, egg or tube shapes and cross contours.
  8. I sketch in all the details to check where I am going.
  9. Balance straights with curves and guide the eye. The eye wants to rush through straights and lingers in the bumpy parts. This way I guide the eye to where I want the focus to be.

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  1. Interessant wie sowas entsteht…

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