Animation Character Design Concept Art

Together with Dully & Dax

Visiting my friends and colleages Dully & Dax. Creating new stuff … #itsGonnaBeGood #NewYearNewStories

If you are curious about Dully & Dax – here is a link to their website, they create wonderful stories, illustrations, games, series etc. <3

Picture by Eva Dax

Character Design Concept Art

Character Design Workshop

here some Armenian TV snippets from my 3 days workshop I held at the ReAnimania International Animation Film Festival of Yerevan, where I was also lucky to be member of the Jury. 🙂 The interview was totally squeezed into a full day and the first question was – “what is the trick?” hehe … what to say?

Anyway … this year one of my intentions should be to own self promotion. Such a hard thing to do gracefully. 😀

(By the way – the Disney character excursion they introduced my workshop with has nothing to do with the workshop itself)

Character Design Concept Art

Game Concepts

Hello, here is some concept art I’ve been doing for a game lately. I did make some notes to how I approached it, I hope this is helpful to someone. 🙂 Please feel free to comment if you have ideas or comments in mind.


P.S.: Sorry for the ugly grey box, I just wanted to show where the logo is situated, since it belongs to the overall concept.

Character Design Visual Development

Living Props / Little Characters

Excerpt of Living Props I designed 2011 when working for the feature Rusty Knight, which was released in the cinemas early 2013.