Animation Character Design Concept Art

Together with Dully & Dax

Visiting my friends and colleages Dully & Dax. Creating new stuff … #itsGonnaBeGood #NewYearNewStories

If you are curious about Dully & Dax – here is a link to their website, they create wonderful stories, illustrations, games, series etc. <3

Picture by Eva Dax


AKFA 2019

Unser vierter animierter Kurzfilm Abend ist zu Ende. Wir haben es geschafft und AKFA ist gewachsen! Diesmal haben wir es zu einem Festival ausgebaut und Workshops, sowie eine Ausstellung zum Thema “Animation im Raum” angeboten. Bestes AKFA ever! Anstrengenstes Event zu organisieren e v e r! Hat sich aber gelohnt. Danke an das Team, an die Workshop-Halter Studio Huckepack und Vamos Animation, unsere Special Guest Yana Ugrekhelidze, den Ausstellern, den mitwirkenden Animatoren für unseren Trailer und allen Gästen, die da waren <3


AKFA Animierter Kurzfilm Abend 13.05.2017

(English version below)
Hee Leude … es ist wieder so weit!!! Es gibt wieder ein AKFA dieses Jahr – am 13.05.2017 in der Werft 5 | Raum für Kunst. Kommt und bringt Freunde mit!

Character Design Concept Art

Character Design Workshop

here some Armenian TV snippets from my 3 days workshop I held at the ReAnimania International Animation Film Festival of Yerevan, where I was also lucky to be member of the Jury. 🙂 The interview was totally squeezed into a full day and the first question was – “what is the trick?” hehe … what to say?

Anyway … this year one of my intentions should be to own self promotion. Such a hard thing to do gracefully. 😀

(By the way – the Disney character excursion they introduced my workshop with has nothing to do with the workshop itself)


Animated stuff

♦ Animation Stuff 2014 and before from Caro Art on Vimeo.

Hello, this includes animated stuff I did in the past, it contains my graduation project, some uni stuff, line tests and my most recent project “Spirit”. It’s not finished, but I know I will never finish it, so this is why I decided to publish this. It was great fun and I learned a ton!